PNC Consumer Credit Advisor in Chicago, Illinois


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100377 Consumer Credit Advisor

Job Profile:

  • Reviews activities associated with applicable business segment, including the credit approval process, policy and procedural compliance and portfolio risk management, credit monitoring, and reporting.

  • Maintains in depth knowledge of consumer credit policy and ensures adherence to policy. Deploys appropriate monitoring mechanisms of early performance to manage expected outcomes.

  • Performs credit monitoring by leveraging relevant reporting and assessing trends to identify risk incidences, requests ad hoc analytics from APM, oversees follow-up, and analyzes output to inform decision - making.

  • Maintains and updates credit transaction models utilized within defined asset class and activity and ensures adherence to model management processes (i.e., model validation, testing, maintenance) by ensuring the appropriate resources are in place to adhere to MRMG guidance.

  • Follows and recognizes economic, regulatory, and other trends affecting borrowers and initiates relevant analyses, by leveraging key analytic partners, and discussions to determine potential impacts on policy. Reviews validation outputs on data produced and delivered; ensures that work set is completed and that the right conversations are taking place to execute deliverables.

Position City:

PA - Pittsburgh

Position Title:

Consumer Credit Advisor

Line of Business:

Risk Management

Building Location:

PAA46 - Three PNC Plaza

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Job Status:

Full Time



EEO Statement:

PNC provides equal employment opportunity to qualified persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or other categories protected by law


IL - Chicago, OH - Cleveland, OH - Miamisburg, PA - Pittsburgh

Required Education and Experience:

Roles at this level typically require a university / college degree, with 5+ years of industry-relevant experience. Specific certifications are often required. In lieu of a degree, a comparable combination of education and experience (including military service) may be considered.

Job Specific Competencies:

Portfolio Management - 1 - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of and ability to utilize the tools, techniques, and acceptable business practices associated with managing a portfolio.

Risk Economics and Finance - Subject Matter Expertise

  • Knowledge of economic and financial principles/theories and ability to apply them to risk management, measurement, monitoring, and reporting.

Risk Management Policies and Procedures - Working Experience

  • Knowledge of and ability to create, implement, evaluate, and enhance risk management policies and procedures.

Credit Risk - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of processes, tools, and techniques used to determine the degree of credit risk in a given transaction or customer relationship; ability to assess, rate and manage exposure to credit risk.

Risk Management Banking - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of and ability to use tools, regulations, and business practices to assess and control an organization's exposure to risk.

Problem Solving - Subject Matter Expertise

  • Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems; ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to diverse situations.

Regulatory Environment - Financial Services - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of and ability to help an organization adapt to applicable federal, state, local, and company-specific regulations, policies, and guidelines affecting business practices.

Credit Analysis and Verification - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of and ability to utilize tools, techniques and practices for determining the credit-worthiness of an applicant.

Financial Statement Analysis - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of tools, techniques, and practices, and ability to analyze and determine the credit-worthiness of a business enterprise through its financial statements.

Quantitative Techniques - Subject Matter Expertise

  • Knowledge of and ability to use quantitative tools and techniques to measure and analyze risks.

Core Competencies:

Manages Risk - Working Experience

  • Assesses and effectively manages all of the risks associated with their business objectives and activities to ensure activities are in alignment with the bank's and unit's risk appetite and risk management framework.

Customer Focus - Extensive Experience

  • Knowledge of the values and practices that align customer needs and satisfaction as primary considerations in all business decisions, and ability to leverage that information in creating customized customer solutions.

Position Overview:

At PNC, our people are our greatest differentiator and competitive advantage in the markets we serve. We are all united in delivering the best experience for our customers. As a Consumer Credit Advisor within PNC's Consumer Credit Risk Management organization, you will be based in either Pittsburgh, PA, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, or Miamisburg, OH.

As a Consumer Credit Advisor-Emerging Risk, the candidate will serve as a 2nd line of defense function for all asset classes within the Consumer organization. This is a critical role in understanding the Emerging Risk environment and having the capabilities to transform that knowledge into a meaningful viewpoint that can inform business decisions. A successful candidate will build relationships with key stakeholders and develop effective channels to share information. This position is essential in developing capability to manage risk in the Consumer Credit business on a risk adjusted return basis, using economic profit and reviewing actual verses expected results, while maintaining PNC’s desired risk profile. You will be responsible for ensuring review of internal information and the research of external information to identify emerging risks, and compiling information which provides insight and a viewpoint into the impact to PNC’s consumer banking product portfolios. The ideal candidate will understand the importance of balancing the risk associated with the business activities to ensure it is within the company’s risk appetite. The ideal candidate will take ownership of initiatives, demonstrate a sense of urgency and be willing to forge strong working relationships across the organization with the end goal of executing by the committed timeline. The candidate should have knowledge and experience relating to the financial services business or a closely related field to bring a perspective as to the industry landscape into discussions related to proposed tactics. The candidate should also be an effective communicator with strong writing and presentation skills. Familiarity or proficiency with Tableau is a plus.